Solving a Conditional Summing Text Problem in Excel

I was checking out an old Excel book Excel Outside The Box by long time Excel MVP Bob Umlas and noticed he used the N function in his SUMPRODUCT functions. I then realised why. It converts text to a zero. That gets around an issue with adding up ranges that contains text, thanks again Bob.

Benford’s Law in Excel – Part Two

Benford’s law is used in auditing to identify data sets that may have been manipulated or adjusted. In my previous post I created a report to analyse a data set based on Benford’s Law. In this post we will create a single formula to create the report and then convert that into a custom function.

Percentage of the Year in Excel

As we get used to the new year we may want to perform some calculations based on the old year. A recent inquiry requested a formula that could calculate the percentage of a year that an employee had been employed. He suggested using an IF function. See the solution below, but it doesn’t involve the IF function.

Date Alignment Trick in Excel

Text alignment in Excel is versatile. If the column isn’t wide enough to display the text, it will display over the next cell. Date and number alignments are not so forgiving. If the column isn’t wide enough the cell with display the ### symbols or the scientific format. Here is a function technique to get around the limitation.

One Minute to Excel #26 – Fix AutoSum’s Weakness

Get the right range every time

AutoSum’s cryptonite is a blank cell – it stops AutoSum in its tracks every time.

Here’s how you can avoid AutoSum’s blind spot.