Page Breaks in Excel

Turn them off

When you set your print area or use the Page Break Preview View, Excel will show you the page breaks on the grid. If this annoys or distracts you, here is how to remove them.

It’s a one-line macro that turns off the page breaks in the current sheet.

Sub TurnOffPageBreaks()
ActiveSheet.DisplayPageBreaks = False
End Sub

If you are new to macros then this blog post can take you through how to use them.

The above code can be copied and pasted into the code window.

If you want to turn page breaks off for all the sheets in the file use the code below.

Sub TurnOffAllPageBreaks()
Dim ws
For Each ws In Worksheets
  ws.DisplayPageBreaks = False
Next ws
End Sub


I hope these code snippets are useful.

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