Free Excel Webinar Recording – Dashboard #1 Guildelines & Techniques

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In May 2019 I examined and demonstrated some guidelines and techniques for creating charts for dashboards.

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Webinar Materials

In this session I focused on chart and dashboard guidelines plus some techniques used to create small charts for dashboards.

I also looked at creating a bullet chart, which is an alternative to gauge, speedo or dial chart.

The session covered

  • general chart guidelines
  • questions to ask yourself to develop better charts
  • best charts to use
  • charts and formats to avoid
  • using text boxes on dashboards
  • how to create small charts
  • chart templates
  • lining up and re-sizing charts
  • useful number formats for dashboard charts
  • using the #N/A error with charts
  • how to create a bullet chart

As always I shared a few other tips.

Multiple Entries in an Excel Filtered List

Ctrl key to the rescue

When a list is filtered you are only seeing the rows that match the filter. The other rows are still there, just hidden. If you want to make the same entry in a group of filtered cells you can’t use the fill handle to drag and copy as you will overwrite the hidden rows. There is an easy way to do it.