Excel Dashboards #1 Guidelines & Techniques

In this recording of a live webinar I ran in March 2023 you will learn about guidelines and technique for building dashboards in Excel.

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This is the first session is a series of five webinars on Excel dashboards. The other four sessions are paid sessions.

In this free session we will focus on chart and dashboard guidelines plus some techniques used to create better dashboards. We will also look at creating a bullet chart which is a better alternative to a gauge or dial chart.

The session covers

  • general chart guidelines
  • questions to ask yourself to develop better charts
  • best charts to use
  • charts and formats to avoid
  • using text boxes on dashboards
  • how to create small charts
  • chart templates
  • lining up and re-sizing charts
  • useful number formats for dashboard charts
  • using the #N/A error with charts
  • how to create a bullet chart

As always I will share a few other tips.