TEXTBETWEEN function in Excel

Excel has new TEXTBEFORE and TEXTAFTER functions. It doesn’t have a TEXTBETWEEN function.  Let’s make one.

In the image below you can see we can combine TEXTBEFORE and TEXTAFTER to achieve a text between result.

We can use the LAMBDA function to make a TEXTBETWEEN custom function based on the formula with those two functions.

In the image below you can see the custom function in action.

Note I prefix all my custom function names with fn. This differentiates them from normal functions. Plus if you type fn in the Formula Bar you will also see a list of all the custom function in the file.

Below is the Edit Name dialog with the LAMBDA function.

I have included the LAMBDA formula below as well.


You can download the example Excel file at the button below.

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4 thoughts on “TEXTBETWEEN function in Excel

  1. Here is another way to write your TEXTBETWEEN function (note the double comma to make TEXTSPLIT output row-wise in order to align with the INDEX argument)…


      • Yes, I was going to post this general function which would allow the selection of a specified “between” element…


        but then it would **require** the user to always specify the 1 for the first element and it would also have to be expanded to handle the error for when a user asks for an element that does not exist… I thought that would become too “messy” for the compact presentations that your blog articles tend to aim for.

        • Thanks again Rick – I try to keep my posts reasonably straightforward and short.
          I might do a post including a selection of the element with some error handling.