Last Weekday of the Month in Excel

Excel has a function to find the last day of the month. To find the last weekday of the month you can combine a couple of functions. Here is a custom function that also works.

If you are new to custom functions check out this post which has a detailed example.

The formula to return the last weekday of the month based on a date is something like.


We can create a LAMBDA version like this.


The custom function called fnEOMWEEKDAY is.


The New Name dialog to create the custom function is shown below.

The examples are shown below. The formula in column B is shown in column C.

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2 thoughts on “Last Weekday of the Month in Excel

  1. Why the +1 and -1 in this formula…


    Wouldn’t this also work..


    • Hi Rick
      Sorry that gave me 31/12/22 which is a Saturday.
      The +1 takes it to the 1st of the next month and -1 gives you the 1 workday less than that which is 30/12/22 – a Friday.