Paid Excel Courses

As well as all my free Excel content there are also more advanced, paid Excel training courses available. These can take your Excel skills to the next level. Excel skills are transferable between jobs and make you a more valuable employment prospect.

Improving your Excel skills makes you a more productive and effective employee.

All courses include.

  • detailed PDF manual
  • example Excel file (many include before and after files)
  • live recording of a public webinar
  • multiple choice quizzes
  • certificate of completion

Some courses have bonuses not included in the live webinar.

Advanced Excel Course 4.5+ hours

Excel Functions and Formulas New Bundle

Course feedback

Great session. Easy to follow. Its great that you mention some scenarios where you could use the various tips that you cover. 


M Novis, Aug 2021

Excellent sessions, very useful and very well delivered. Thank you

B Welgemoed, Aug 2021

I enjoy these sessions – Neale has a great passion for Excel and I love that he explains things in an easy way.

L Osborne, Aug 2021

Dashboard Bundle 2023

Budget Bundle – 2023

Course feedback

Real world examples, Neale explains things so clear.

A Perez, May 2022

Neale’s courses are always brilliant: engaging and relevant, I highly recommend them to anyone using Excel.

R Kamvissis

Macro Essentials Course

Advanced Macros

Excel Controls Bundle

Course feedback

I found Neale a great facilitator who explained things well and certainly taught me some very valuable actions that can be done in Excel. Very valuable session.

H Anderson, Nov 2021

Yet again I learned something new. Thank you for sharing and explaining so well .

D Song, Mar 2022

I really like the way Neale presents the topic, it’s very clear and very helpful and it’s great to have a real person explain it and interact with you. Thanks Neale, I look forward to another session!

A Boland, Sep 2021