Free Excel Courses

These free Excel courses will get you started with, or help you expand your Excel learning. All Excel topics are covered from shortcuts, tips, formulas and functions to charts, macros and data handling. Please share this free Excel resource with friends and colleagues.

All courses include

  • detailed PDF manual
  • example Excel file (many include before and after files)
  • live recording of a public webinar
  • certificate of completion

Some courses have bonuses not included in the live webinar. A few have quizzes to test your new found Excel knowledge.

FREE Excel Webinars – all together in one course

Excel Level One – Beginners – 4+ hours

Course feedback

It was great. While it was at a beginner level, which I may be slightly above, there were still some very useful tips and tricks that will certainly be time savers, and help me feel more confident when navigating excel. 


J Chapman, July 2021

Such a great resource, especially if you don’t have people around you to teach you Excel tricks like this. Thank you Neale for being so generous with your knowledge, expertise and time for (often) free!

D Street, Aug 2021

Thank you Neale, you explained so many shortcuts and also the uses of particular functions that I had no idea about. I will be able to adapt them in my day to day work. Looking forward to the next level.

Thank you so much

J Apter, July 2021

Excel Level Two – Intermediate – 4.5+ hours

Course feedback

I like the way Neale explains the different options and when you could use them. Also shows you if not correct what will happen or what to look out for. So many good tips to know- Thank you.

B Dixon, Aug 2021

Excellent sessions, very useful and very well delivered. Thank you.

B Welgemoed, Aug 2021

Phenomenal presentation and always interesting even for a non professional, non accountant like me

Y Kohn, Aug 2021

Excel Yourself Webinar Series (12 hours)

Course feedback


Goal seek was definitely a game changing tool that I had not heard of before. Always interesting to learn something new!

M Brown, Dec 2022


First time attending – I didn’t even know that these sessions existed. Easy to follow and great templates/exercises that can be referred to later. Will attempt to join more frequently in 2023.

H Eaton, Dec 2022


1 hour is a good format. Quantity is small but you retain more. Also, by practicing small amounts, one can do it a number of times.

JJ Legrand, Dec 2022


I absolutely loved the Interest free period loan calculation techniques using goal Seek and also applying a macro to do it.

I’ve sought such a technique for years.

N Fitzjames, Dec 2022