Free Webinar Recording – Excel Format as Table Feature

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In March 2020 I presented a session on Excel’s Format as Table Feature. I covered it’s advantages and how to use it to improve your Excel files.

The detailed pdf manual and example file can be downloaded using the button below. Content is listed below the video.

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In this session you will learn all about Excel’s formatted tables.

Many of Excel’s features and functions work seamlessly with formatted tables. They can help you improve the structure and reliability of your spreadsheet files.

Formatted tables can allow you to create powerful reports like those in a relational databases.

Topics covered

  • advantages and limitations of formatted tables
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • using formatted tables with formulas
  • solutions to some of the limitations of formatted tables
  • using range names with formatted tables
  • using formatted tables with data validations
  • creating a running total
  • using PivotTables
  • Relationships (Data tab)

As always I will share a few other tips.