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Since 2018 I have been working with CPA Australia on a series of Excel podcasts. The episodes have now been combined into the Excel Tips podcast series.

You can find the series and subscribe on the following podcast platforms.

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This page brings all the podcast links together.

You can link to the main Excel Tips podcast page here.

How to automate report building in Excel

Using dynamic array, these practical tips will help you build automated reports. Link

Master the latest Excel changes: your ultimate guide

Handy insights into new Excel functions and working with CSV files. Link

How to master using different Excel techniques together

Essential tips on building custom lists and using range names. Link

Top Excel tips for your first 100 days in a new job

Starting a new accounting and finance role? These will help your transition. Link

How to create improved data visualisations in Excel

Handy tips for displaying data using Excel’s charts and visualisation tools. Link

Master 10 new and revamped Excel features

Improve your workflow by learning these must-know Excel features. Link

Boost your skills with tips for Excel function updates

Get the most out of dynamic arrays, XLOOKUP, LAMBDA and more. Link

Unlock 14 expert tips for Excel formulas

Apply these shortcuts and techniques to give your spreadsheet skills a boost. Link

Why Excel can be a university student’s secret weapon

Learn how Excel gives you an edge in your first accounting or finance job. Link

Excel shortcuts

Discover keyboard and mouse shortcuts that can save you time and effort. Link

Excel and ChatGPT

We evaluate ChatGPT to see if this AI tool accurately answers Excel questions. Link

Learn Excel’s built-in artificial intelligence feature

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come to Microsoft Excel, and it will make your life easier when working with data. Link

How to use custom functions without macros

Along with the LAMBDA function, other new functions make Excel’s function language behave more like a programming language. Learn how. Link

How to do dynamic arrays in Excel

Learn how use Excel’s new formula/calculation feature Link

How to create vertical lines in line charts

If you want to mark something on a line chart, here’s how. Link

How to work with dates and days

Addition and subtraction calculations for dates and days explained. Link

How to use Goal Seek

This handy tool can help you solve loan schedule issues. Link

How to improve your formatting

Make your files easier to read, understand and use. Link

How to use the new data types feature

The four data types you can now import from the data ribbon. Link

How to unleash the power of PivotTables

PivotTables allow you to create reports without using a single formula. Link

Excel skills for current and future accountants

After 20 years of writing articles here is my list of what Excel skills accountants need in the future Link

Introducing the Excel Data Model

See how to use DAX formulas to produce reports – Link

How to solve the printing challenge

Printing in Excel can present challenges, learn how these can be solved by using the icons in the workbook views section of the view ribbon tab. Link

How to handle formula errors in Excel using IFERROR

Learn how to insert the IFERROR function. Link

Use LET function to solve tricky Excel challenges

Learn how the LET function offers useful solutions to tricky Excel challenges. Link

Creating hyperlinked index sheets

Hyperlinked index sheets are useful tools for speeding up and simplifying navigation around large Excel files. Learn how to create hyperlinked index sheets. Link

How to import Excel files using Power Query

find out how using power query can help in your data transformation and data preparation in Microsoft Excel. Link

Flexible Conditional Formats

Find out what you need to know about making conditional formats work for you in dashboards and reporting. Link

LET function

The LET function enables you to use variables within your Excel formulas. This means you can avoid using helper cells and create standalone formulas to solve real world problems. Link

How to use an IS function in Excel

Knowing what a cell contains can be useful when developing your formulas. Excel has a collection of IS functions that can help. Link

Dynamic charts in Microsoft Excel


Dynamic charts allow you to make selections that are automatically updated in the chart. Here, you’ll learn how to use range names to convert a static chart in a dynamic one. Link

Slicers in Microsoft Excel

Slicers are an easy-to-use filter interface for pivot tables. Learn how to use slicers on formatted tables in Microsoft Excel. Link

Small Data Sets

Learn how to convert a data entry layout that is easy to input, into a layout that works best with PivotTables and other reports. Link

Function Macros

Learn how to create your own functions in Excel? In this podcast episode, we look at three functions, called User Defined Functions or UDF’s, that you can create to improve Excel’s functionality. Link

Text Boxes

Text boxes are an old Excel feature that can provide flexibility to all types of Excel files. Discover how to use text boxes and why it will help in your day to day work. Link

XLOOKUP Function

Learn all about the XLOOKUP function and why it is important to use. Link


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3 thoughts on “Podcasts

  1. Your podcasts unfold great stuff about excel & Power query.
    But why have you kept your favorite subject VBA / macros untouched yet in your podcast?
    Hope to hear one sooner rather than later.
    Other topics you may cover are: Power Pivot, DAX, Pivot Tables, SUMPRODUCT (again your favourite) (in greater detail – though we got to hear the basics of SUMPRODUCT in your Functions podcast, which was by far the best), Arrays, more on Power query & its code: M language, Conditional Formatting, What-If analysis, etc..

  2. Dear Neale. Most of the links above, e.g., under LET, Hyperlinked index, etc. are taking me to CPA Australia website but showing 404 error.
    Pl see if these errors can be fixed.