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Since 2018 I have been working with CPA Australia on a series of Excel podcasts. This page brings all the podcast links together. There are currently over 35 Excel episodes.

February 2022Link

The February article covers a few technique and tips to get your printing right in Excel. It also includes a feature that can make hiding and unhiding multiple sheets easier.

December 2021Link

In the December article I shared a macro that adds the IFERROR function to an existing formula. The podcast goes through and explains some of the techniques used. You can see the article here and watch the video and download the example file that has the VBA code.

November 2021Link

November’s article covered an advanced use of the LET and the CHOOSE functions. I showed how to use them together to automate sorting a report. The podcast discusses the solution and how the functions work together. These functions are in the subscription version of Excel plus Excel 2021.

October 2021Link

In the October article I explained and demonstrated a few ideas on creating an Index or Contents sheet for your file using hyperlinks. The podcast discusses these.

September 2021Link

I cover combining multiple Excel files using Power Query in the September 2021 article. The companion video on the INTHEBACK website covers the steps, the podcast discusses the advantages of Power Query and some of the techniques.

August 2021Link

In the August article podcast I cover creating flexible conditional formats. The example demonstrates using formulas to identify and highlight certain dates in a list. There are a few tips and traps to using formulas for conditional formats – find out what they are.

July 2021Link

The article in the July 2021 issue covers some recommendations and ideas on formatting. This includes using Styles, the format painter and templates.

April 2021Link

The LET function enables you to use variables within your Excel formulas. This means you can avoid using helper cells and create standalone formulas to solve real world problems. Currently it is only available in the subscription version of Excel.

March 2021Link

In the March 2021 article I covered a group of functions known as the IS functions. These help you identify different types of cell contents in Excel.

February 2021Link

The February 2021 article has another way to create an interactive chart – this time with range names.

January 2021Link

In my December 2020 article I demonstrate how to use Slicers with formatted tables together to create interactive charts.

November 2020Link

In my October article you discover User Defined Functions – DIY functions – yes, you can make your own functions in Excel using VBA (Visual Basic For Applications) Excel’s macro language. Hear the why and how.

My November article has yet another Power Query example. This time how to take an input table (one that is easy to input into) and convert it into a data table ready for pivot table reports. Power Query is extremely useful and is a topic all accountants should be familar with.

October 2020Link

I have recently started creating a companion podcast for each of my Excel Yourself magazine articles. The first is my August 2020 article on the new XLOOKUP function. The podcast includes the back story of how it came to be. My September 2020 article was on text boxes and how you can link them to cells to create flexible text.

July 2020 – Link

After a short break from recording podcasts I have returned with four separate podcasts covering Excel’s new feature called dynamic arrays. The first three podcasts follow closely the three articles I wrote for the INTHEBLACK magazine. The fourth podcast has ideas on how to apply this new functionality.

January 2020Link

I covered the Data Validation feature in a short form podcast.

October 2019Link

I covered Excel macros,  the what, why and how of macros for accountants.

June 2019Link

Two shorter episodes were released in June. They covered Flash Fill (Excel’s super hero feature that has a back story) and Format as Table a must-use feature for tables that isn’t about formatting. These features are also on the Data ribbon.

May 2019Link

In this podcast I focus on the Data ribbon and the many features that it contains. Excel is more and more data focused and I discuss the how, why and when to use these features. Future podcasts will highlight specific parts of the Data ribbon in more detail.

February 2019Link

This podcast focuses on Power Query, what it is and how and why to use it. Power Query simplifies importing data into Excel form virtually any source.

If you haven’t started using Power Query the podcast might convince you to start. Power Query (aka Get & Transform) is also part of Power BI so everything you learn in Excel can be applied to Power BI.

November 2018Link

In this podcast I cover the functions Accountants need to master to get the most out of Excel.

I cover summing, logic, look ups, date, text and sundry functions.

This link is to an article I wrote that lists the functions and also the articles I have written on those functions.

October 2018 – a series of 4 short tips – Link

  • The F4 function key
  • The F5 function key
  • Using Find in Excel – tips and traps
  • Gridlines

June 2018 – Excels’ new features and functions by version Excel 2007 to Excel 2016 – Link

April/May/June 2018 – a series of five short form podcasts – Link

  • Double clicking
  • Right clicking
  • Ctrl key dragging
  • Using Windows within Excel
  • Cell comments

February 2018 – lots of keyboard shortcuts – Link


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2 thoughts on “Podcasts

  1. Your podcasts unfold great stuff about excel & Power query.
    But why have you kept your favorite subject VBA / macros untouched yet in your podcast?
    Hope to hear one sooner rather than later.
    Other topics you may cover are: Power Pivot, DAX, Pivot Tables, SUMPRODUCT (again your favourite) (in greater detail – though we got to hear the basics of SUMPRODUCT in your Functions podcast, which was by far the best), Arrays, more on Power query & its code: M language, Conditional Formatting, What-If analysis, etc..