In 2018 I started working with CPA Australia on a series of Excel podcasts.

This page brings all the podcasts together. There are 13 so far.

February 2019Link

This podcast focuses on Power Query, what it is and how and why to use it. Power Query simplifies importing data into Excel form virtually any source.

If you haven’t started using Power Query the podcast might convince you to start. Power Query (aka Get & Transform) is also part of Power BI so everything you learn in Excel can be applied to Power BI.

November 2018Link

In this podcast I cover the functions Accountants need to master to get the most out of Excel.

I cover summing, logic, look ups, date, text and sundry functions.

This link is to an article I wrote that lists the functions and also the articles I have written on those functions.

October 2018 – a series of 4 short tips – Link

  • The F4 function key
  • The F5 function key
  • Using Find in Excel – tips and traps
  • Gridlines

June 2018 – Excels’ new features and functions by version Excel 2007 to Excel 2016 – Link

April/May/June 2018 – a series of five short form podcasts – Link

  • Double clicking
  • Right clicking
  • Ctrl key dragging
  • Using Windows within Excel
  • Cell comments

February 2018 – lots of keyboard shortcuts – Link


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