Navigation shortcut

To quickly move around the spreadsheet grid sheet try using

Ctrl + arrow keys

You will move the active cell in the direction of the arrow key you click.

In a table you will move to the far edge of the table as far as there are entries.

If the row or column is blank you may find yourself at the extreme edge of the spreadsheet grid.

Press the opposite direction arrow to move back.

Press Ctrl + Home to go to the top left of the screen if you need to.


Selecting rows and columns

You can use the keyboard to quickly select whole rows or columns.

To select a whole column, or columns, use:

Ctrl + Space

To remember this shortcut – both Ctrl and column start with C.

To select the whole row, or rows, use:

Shift + Space

To remember – s and r are next to each other in the alphabet.


Shortcuts for Print Views

To see Excel’s different print views, use these shortcuts (all pressed in sequence, not held down)

Alt w l

Alt w i

Alt w p

They are in order

Normal view (the standard grid view of Excel)

Page Break Preview (non-print areas in grey)

Page Layout (looks like MS Word)


Excel Bullet Charts [Video]

Excel Yourself Article

Check out my July 2014 article on Bullet charts on the CPA Australia ITBDigital website – click here to see the article. The video is below.

Bullet charts were developed by Stephen Few – see his pdf on bullet charts click here.

The technique is based on one used by Michael Alexander in his great book Excel 2007 Dashboards and Reports for Dummies by Wiley.

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