Clearing the tab colour

I use colours on my sheet tabs to signify different things.

To clear a colour, you can use the following keyboard shortcut

Alt h o t n

Pressed in sequence, not held down.


Flash Fill Keyboard Shortcut

To apply the new Excel 2013 feature Flash Fill with the keyboard. First enter your values that define the rule. Then select the range to fill and then press in sequence (not held down)

Alt a f f

More about Flash Fill here

Show Sheet Tabs

If you find the sheet tabs are missing at the bottom of the screen, you can fix the issue with the setting below.

To access this screen press, in sequence (not held down)

Alt t o a

and scroll down about half way.

show sheet tabs

Clearing Filters

The keyboard shortcut to clear all filters is pretty straight forward

Alt a c

Keys are pressed in sequence, not held down.


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