September 2014 Excel Yourself article

Check out my September 2014 Excel Yourself article, video and companion file are now online at the magazine site. The article covers converting a badly laid out report into a structured data layout using a formula.
The video can be viewed from the media section at the bottom of the page.

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Sort current table in order

To sort the current table by the selected column in ascending order, press in sequence

Alt H S S

Do not hold the keys down, press one after the other.

To sort in descending order use

Alt H S O

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Horizontal bullet chart in Excel

Excel Yourself article

Check out my follow up article and VIDEO on the ITBDigital website on how to convert a vertical bullet chart into a horizontal one.

Click here for full article and video.

For the original bullet chart post click here

These techniques are based on ones in the great book
Excel 2007 Dashboards and Reports For Dummies by Michael Alexander