Repeat with F4

To repeat the last action you have performed on any range, or cell, you can press the F4 function key.

Not all actions can be repeated, but most can.

If you have recently performed two actions only the last one will be repeated.

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Convert to a Number

Numbers formatted as text (often imported from other systems) can cause issues in Excel.

To convert a number formatted as text into a real number that can be used in calculations use a formula like.


This will convert a number formatted as text in A1 into a real number.

NOTE: it will return an error if the value cannot be converted into a number.

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Populate a Range

To populate a range with the same entry you first select the range then use

Ctrl + Enter

This is handy for entering zeroes in input ranges. It can also be used to enter a formula in a range.

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Arrange Windows Tiled

To arrange multiple windows in the current file in a tiled layout use

Alt w a Enter

Pressed in sequence , not held down.

Easy to remembr if live in WA (Western Australia) like I do.

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New Window

To open a new window for the current file, which allows you to resize and see two separate views of the same file use

Alt w n

Pressed in sequence, not held down.

Be careful when you open multiple windows. Make sure you close the windows with the highest numbers first. Look at the top of the window to see the window number.

If you don’t, you can lose view and print settings.

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