Excel Subtotal Sort Magic

Sorting by subtotals is possible

Sometimes Excel surprises me. In this case it sorts in a way I didn’t expect, but in a good way. Thanks to Mr Excel for the tip.

See the image below. It is a list where we have used the Automated Subtotal feature from the Data ribbon.

If you are unfamiliar with the Automated Subtotal check out this post.

If we click the small number 2 in the top left, the display changes to the image below. This shows just the subtotals and the grand total.

This is where things get interesting.

If you want to sort the amount column from largest to smallest for the subtotals amounts you can select the Amount cell C1 and then click the Sort Descending icon in the Data ribbon tab  – see below.

Magically the table changes to put the highest subtotal and all the underlying data at the top – as per the image below.

If we expand out the selection (see image below) you can see that while the subtotals have been sorted the individual values have not been sorted.

If you need the individual amounts sorted too, you would have to apply that sort order before you applied the Automated Subtotals.

Vote For a New UNIQUE Function

Dynamically extract a list of unique entries from a list

The Excel team has a great site that encourages people to post new ideas for Excel. It also encourages people to vote for the new suggested features.

I have just posted an idea for a UNIQUE function that extracts unique entries from a list.

Currently you have to manually maintain a separate list of entries for a drop down lists. You can’t use a list that contains duplicates for a drop down list.

What if that list was updated automatically via a formula from the original data source? So as new items are added at the data source they automatically appear in the drop down list?

Currently a dynamic solution requires a complex array formula or a UDF (User Defined Function – macro).

This would also make creating formula-based reports so much easier.

Please take the time to vote for my suggestion. Feel free to post your own suggestions as well.

Vote For UNIQUE Function



Power BI – Just starting out

The start of my journey

OK I have bitten the bullet and decided to get stuck in to Power BI. I am going to start playing around with Power BI Desktop – it is free after all. I thought I would blog about the experience and share my journey. I have created a Power BI category. I now have a button on my website that will list Power BI posts.