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Highly recommend.

This book has it all, humour, drama, intrigue, family secrets and running jokes throughout.

Plus its all true. Anh is a nice guy and a great comedian and he writes well. I didn’t realise he had done so some many things, and done them successfully. It shows the impact of a new country on refugees. A great read!

I heard it might be made into a movie – look forward to it.

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The R Language [Link] https://a4accounting.com.au/links/the-r-language/ https://a4accounting.com.au/links/the-r-language/#respond Fri, 21 Apr 2017 22:00:53 +0000 Neale Blackwood https://a4accounting.com.au/?post_type=link&p=5622 Link Post The R Language
David Iseminger – Microsoft

If you are into statistics then you probably already know about the R language – but if you don’t it may be worth looking at.

It is open source code that is built to handle statistics and big data. It has some limitations when used with Power BI but it can be used on its own.

This article looks at using visuals created with R in Power BI.

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DAX Studio [Link] https://a4accounting.com.au/links/dax-studio/ https://a4accounting.com.au/links/dax-studio/#respond Fri, 21 Apr 2017 07:54:18 +0000 Neale Blackwood https://a4accounting.com.au/?post_type=link&p=5673 Link Post DAX Studio

DAX is the function and query language of PowerPivot and PowerBI. It has been around for a while, but it didn’t really have many editing tools until DAX Studio came around.

DAX Studio has been created by the SQLBI.com guys – the legends in PowerBI.

I saw a demo today at the Perth Modern Excel User Group at Microsoft Perth – its great.

Whilst it is a powerful editor, it is not just a code editor.

There are lots of options to allow you to optimise your DAX code. Lots of output options as well.

You can test and see how long it takes to run your DAX commands.

If you regularly use DAX in Power BI or PowerPivot then DAX Studio is a must have.



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Increase Decimal [Tip] https://a4accounting.com.au/tips/increase-decimal/ https://a4accounting.com.au/tips/increase-decimal/#respond Thu, 20 Apr 2017 09:17:52 +0000 Neale Blackwood https://a4accounting.com.au/?post_type=tip&p=5666
Tip Post Increase Decimal

I found a good shortcut today to increase the decimal places.

Alt H 0

For example you might use these two shortcuts one after the other to format a range as a percentage with one decimal place.

Ctrl + Shift + %
Alt H 0

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Trailing Minus For Negatives in CSV vs TXT Files https://a4accounting.com.au/trailing-minus-for-negatives-in-csv-vs-txt/ https://a4accounting.com.au/trailing-minus-for-negatives-in-csv-vs-txt/#respond Mon, 17 Apr 2017 22:15:42 +0000 Neale Blackwood https://a4accounting.com.au/?p=5623 https://a4accounting.com.au/trailing-minus-for-negatives-in-csv-vs-txt/feed/ 0 Sapiens [Book] https://a4accounting.com.au/books/sapiens/ https://a4accounting.com.au/books/sapiens/#respond Sun, 16 Apr 2017 04:14:32 +0000 Neale Blackwood https://a4accounting.com.au/?post_type=book&p=5660 Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari
A must read.

It will get you thinking about how we have progressed and whether it has been progress or regress. Have the lives of sapiens improved over the thousands of years?

What about the planet and the other animals on the planet, (the ones we haven’t killed off any way) are they better off?

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Hacking Power BI [Link] https://a4accounting.com.au/links/hacking-power-bi/ https://a4accounting.com.au/links/hacking-power-bi/#respond Thu, 13 Apr 2017 01:54:39 +0000 Neale Blackwood https://a4accounting.com.au/?post_type=link&p=5621 Link Post Hacking Power BI
Chris Webb

Chris Webb’s BI website is a great resource on Power BI, DAX and Power Query and Power Pivot

This post shows how to hack DAX to display characters. Opens up some new possibilities.


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Making Subtotals Bold [Tip] https://a4accounting.com.au/tips/making-subtotals-bold/ https://a4accounting.com.au/tips/making-subtotals-bold/#respond Wed, 12 Apr 2017 21:50:36 +0000 Neale Blackwood https://a4accounting.com.au/?post_type=tip&p=5597
Tip Post Making Subtotals Bold

When you use the SUBTOTAL feature in the Data ribbon tab it automatically inserts subtotals in your list – see blog post on it here.

One problem with this is that is only makes the cell with the word Total bold – it doesn’t make the whole row bold.

If you want the whole row to be bold it isn’t hard to fix.

  1. Select the whole range involved.
  2. Use the grouping button 2 top left corner. See image below.
  3. Then hold the Alt key down and press the ; (semicolon key) – this selects just the visible cells.
  4. Then press Ctrl + b to bold it.
  5. Click another cell to reset the range and you are done.
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Power BI Free vs Pro [Link] https://a4accounting.com.au/links/power-bi-free-vs-pro/ https://a4accounting.com.au/links/power-bi-free-vs-pro/#respond Tue, 11 Apr 2017 07:38:39 +0000 Neale Blackwood https://a4accounting.com.au/?post_type=link&p=5620 Link Post Power BI Free vs Pro
Gilbert Quevauvilliers

Compare the offerings of the Free vs Pro versions of Power BI.

The Pro version costs about AUD10 – 15 a month.

Thanks to Gilbert Quevauvilliers for creating the infographic + sharing.

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Finding Those Pesky Links [Link] https://a4accounting.com.au/links/finding-those-pesky-links/ https://a4accounting.com.au/links/finding-those-pesky-links/#respond Tue, 11 Apr 2017 01:43:54 +0000 Neale Blackwood https://a4accounting.com.au/?post_type=link&p=5619 Link Post Finding Those Pesky Links
Bill Manville

Thanks to Bill Manville for sharing the add-in.

This is a free add-in that’s been around for a long time and it finds most of those frustrating links that may have been created by

  • deleted files or folders
  • moved files or folders
  • renamed files or folders
  • sheets copied between files
  • charts copied between files

The add-in has been updated over the years so it now handles Power Query.

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