Free Excel Webinar Recording – Financial Functions Part 1

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In June 2019 I explained and demonstrated a number of Excel’s  financial functions – see below for more details.

CPD note – if you are claiming CPD for watching this recording you need to keep your own records. People who attend the live sessions receive an annual listing of attendances.

Webinar Materials

These functions take three or more arguments, but there are a few things you need to know to use them correctly. Most involve loans or calculations associated with the time value of money.

This session covered the following six functions

  • PV – Present Value of future regular cash outflow
  • PMT – periodic loan repayment calculation
  • CUMIPMT – cumulative interest – great for loan schedules
  • RATE – interest rate
  • FV – future value of regular investment
  • NPER – number of periods

The session finishes with a loan model that calculates the “missing” value for a loan scenario based on two out of three inputs. The IFERROR function is also discussed.

Fastest way to copy an image, graphic or chart

To copy an image, graphic or chart simply have the object selected and press Ctrl + D. You can press multiple time to paste multiple times.

If you line the first one up then the others will also line up as you duplicate them.