Missing Chart Data in Excel

Another macro to the rescue

The default setting for charts in Excel is to hide the data on the chart if it is hidden on the sheet. I forgot that recently when I created a few charts using a workings area to hold the chart data. I later hid the workings with column grouping. Oops – when you hide the data in the charts go blank.

The Proof is in the Plants (Penguin, 2021)

A great book that brings together all the science that supports a plant-based diet.

The book is easy to read and accessible with lots of good analogies.

Plant foods are great for you and the planet and you can read about the science that backs that up.

The book pushes a mostly plant-based diet. It doesn’t push vegan or vegetarian. Being mainly plant based is the aim. The more the better.

Highly recommend the book.

I follow the Plant Proof podcast.

One Minute to Excel #13 – Create and Use a Check Box

Tick it to the next level

A check box is an easy interface to create and use.

See how to add one to a sheet and use it in a calculation.