Power BI for the Excel Analyst (2022)

If you want to start using Power BI and you are an Excel user then this is great book to start with.

It will give you the basics plus it explains lots of “gotcha” issues you can avoid when starting out.

Power BI is powerful but it is also complex and always evolving. This book will get you started. Highly recommend.

Excel Power Query Saving Issue

There was a recent discussion of this topic on LinkedIn. When you are in the Power Query window you can’t save the query. If you Close and Load and Excel crashes, you could lose your work. If you have spent some time working on a query this can be frustrating. Here’s how you can capture the query before using Close & Load.

Date Alignment Trick in Excel

Text alignment in Excel is versatile. If the column isn’t wide enough to display the text, it will display over the next cell. Date and number alignments are not so forgiving. If the column isn’t wide enough the cell with display the ### symbols or the scientific format. Here is a function technique to get around the limitation.