Clear all formats

To clear all the formats for a cell or a range select the cell/range and press in sequence Alt H E F don’t hold the keys down.

All the formats will be removed.

If you need to see the underlying number for a date this is an easy way to find it.

Solving a Conditional Summing Text Problem in Excel

I was checking out an old Excel book Excel Outside The Box by long time Excel MVP Bob Umlas and noticed he used the N function in his SUMPRODUCT functions. I then realised why. It converts text to a zero. That gets around an issue with adding up ranges that contains text, thanks again Bob.

It’s  so hard to forget pain, but it’s even harder to remember sweetness. We have no scar to show for happiness. We learn so little from peace.

Chuck Palahniuk (Novelist)

May the Macros Be With You

May is Macros month.

You can learn how to save time and effort by replacing repetitive or time consuming tasks with a macro. Macros make delegation easier.

Four live Excel webinars to get you started with macros. The first one is free. Over 5 hours of training.

Buy the Essential Macros Bundle for AU$60 and be registered for all the live May sessions (see below for dates) plus get access to the online courses including bonus macro content.

Essential Macros Bundle 2024

Excel Dynamic Arrays in April

April is Dynamic Array month.

This month I ran 4 new live one hour webinars dedicated to all things Dynamic Arrays.

Dynamic Arrays change the way you create and maintain formulas in Excel. They expand Excel’s capabilities and make it even more flexible.

All four webinars are now online courses that you can buy as part of the Dynamic Arrays 2024 Bundle for AU$60. PLUS you get access to future Dynamic Array sessions this year.

As new Dynamic Array courses are added to the Bundle the price will rise during the year. Buy now to get the best deal. Use the button below to see more details and buy the Bundle.

Note: you need the subscription version of Excel to use Dynamic Arrays.