Free Webinar Recording – Excel Budget Challenge Solution

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In February 2020 I reviewed my solution to an Excel Budget Challenge from late 2018. This included some advanced Excel budget techniques.

The detailed pdf manual and example file can be downloaded using the button below. Content listed below the video.

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This session includes a lot of useful content and it brings together a number of different techniques. The content is worthy of a paid session but since it was a public challenge I am presenting the session for free.

The materials includes the challenge documentation, the pdf manual and the solution file. I assume you have read the documentation. You also receive the blank Excel file if you want to create your own solution.

Techniques/topics covered include

  • using INDEX-MATCH (better alternative to VLOOKUP)
  • 3-D formulas to summarise all report sheets and techniques to make using them easy
  • using a reporting template to speed up creation
  • validations
  • extracting sheet names
  • automating reports