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Since 2012 I have presented over 450 public webinars to thousands of people worldwide.

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Tue 18 June 2024Loan Schedules in Excel
This session will examine 5 different loan schedules.
1. Standard Loan Schedule – using standard formulas – works in all versions.

2. Standard Loan Schedule – using dynamic array formulas – subscription version only.

3. Loan Drawdown Schedule – allows the drawing down of amounts with interest only and repayments begin once the final drawdown has been made. Subscription version only.

4. Interest Only Period Loan Schedule – allows setting an interest only period before the repayments begin. Macro based. Works in all versions except the browser version.

5. Extra Repayments Loan Schedule– models the effect of making extra repayments on the life and total cost of the loan. Works in all versions.
Tue 23 July 2024FREE - Excel Formula & Functions Tips

This session covers lots of tips, tricks and techniques to speed up the formula creation process.
You will learn:
- how to quickly start a formula
- the benefits of the numeric keypad
- to use AutoComplete to save typing
- how to easily insert $ signs to fix references
- about the calculation sequence
- how to use the colours Excel display when editing formulas
- the tricks on selecting large ranges
- using formulas and Format as Table together
- a helpful technique when working with ranges in other sheets
- the new formula symbol for dynamic arrays
Thu 25 July 2024VLOOKUP Function
Over the years this popular function has been the subject of the most questions to me from CPA's from around the world. So I thought I would dedicate a whole webinar to how and why to use it. I have also included techniques to get around the limitations of the function. Content applies to all Excel versions.

In this session I will cover
- the Exact match VLOOKUP - when to use it
- the Approximate match VLOOKUP - when to use it
- tips and shortcuts on using VLOOKUP
- common problems with VLOOKUP and their solutions
- why Format is Table is so important
- handling errors
- handling multiple tables
- removing the left column limitation
- two column lookups (non array solution)
- using the Relationship option to avoid VLOOKUPs (Excel 2013 and later only)

As always, I will share a few general tips along the way.
Tue 30 July 2024XLOOKUP Function
This is a new function that warrants its own webinar. It can replace VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP. It can also replace the INDEX-MATCH combination.

NOTE: You need the subscription version of Excel to use XLOOKUP.

You will
- learn the basics of the XLOOKUP function
- discover how easy it is to handle N/A! errors
- see how to look from the bottom, up
- use XLOOKUP to return a reference
- see how to use XLOOKUP with dynamic arrays
- learn how to return multiple columns
- discover how to do wildcard searches
- see how to select from multiple tables
- learn how to do two-way look ups
- discover how to do two-column lookups
- return multiple rows with the FILTER function

As always, you will discover a few other tips during the session.