Free Webinar Recording – Excel Yourself 2019

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In December 2019 I reviewed four of my articles from 2019 plus some new content.

The detailed pdf manual and example file can be downloaded using the button below. Content listed below the video.

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CPD note – if you are claiming CPD for watching this recording you need to keep your own records. People who attend the live sessions receive an annual listing of attendances.

This year’s webinar includes
  • a new logic function IFS
  • how to do budget allocations across months using the MOD function
  • how to do complex monthly budget allocations
  • using helper cells to achieve advanced conditional formats

As always there will be other tips and tricks shared along the way.

Applying a standard custom format in Excel

Styles to the rescue

One of the most common custom number formats used in Excel is the mmm-yy format. As an example this format displays all the dates in January 2019 as Jan-19. This format is used in most reports, budgets and financial models. There is quicker way to apply it than using the Format Cells dialog.