How to Improve an Excel Line Chart [VIDEO]

Before and after improvements

Line charts are frequently used in Excel but their default settings leave a lot to be desired. See the transformation of a standard line chart to a simpler and easier to read line chart.

Here’s the standard / default Excel line chart.

Default Excel Line chart

I have recorded a video of the steps taken to convert the standard line chart to the improved line chart chart at the bottom of this post. (I have included the file I used in the video at the bottom of the post)

I have listed the steps below

  • Delete the gridlines
  • Delete the vertical axis and title
  • Increase  size of the plot area
  • Move the legend
  • Change the date axis and show every 5 years only
  • Add data labels to the end of the lines
  • Add the starting data label to one of the lines

Improved Excel Line chart Below is a link to the file I used in the demonstration.

Line Charts Excel File

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