Financial Modelling with Scenarios

A great webinar recording from Danielle Stein Fairhurst from Plum Solutions and Thomas Paul from BDO.

A flexible technique to handle lots of different variables in a model using data tables.

How to get CREATIVE! by John Cleese

Brilliant talk!

No slides needed, this was way back in 1991!

This is especially relevant these days because we get so little “think” and “alone” time.



Where it all began

A great talk by Dan Bricklin the co-developer of Visicalc – the first desktop spreadsheet.

He talks about how game changing spreadsheets were for the desktop computer.

Discover where he was when the idea came to him and how he visualised it.

Decisions he made back then are still with us today.

A great talk discussing how we typically teach in our schools and how it impacts learning skills that build on previous skills.

Its about 11 minutes long – worth a watch.

Mastery is worth striving for before you move on to the next topic.


This Australian woman is an inspiration.

She talks very eloquently about being a Muslim and a woman and the biases faced everyday.