PowerPivot and Power Query

How to get and install

I have run two introductory webinars in 2016 on these two topics. You may need to download them and install them before the webinars so you can use them during the webinars. The Add-ins are free from Microsoft.

See Versions note at the end of the post, there are versions within versions.

Below are the Microsoft sites to download from. Make sure you get the right file for your version and system. Follow the instructions on the site to install them.

Your organisation’s Windows security settings may not allow you to install the Add-ins – if that is the case talk to your IT department.

Download links

Power Query Add-in Download

PowerPivot 2010 Add-in Download

When you install PowerPivot in Excel 2010 it should be ready to use when you open Excel.

Once installed you may need to activate the Add-ins. These Add-ins are in a different spot to most Add-ins. These are COM Add-ins. See images below to see where to find them.

Click the File ribbon tab, then Options (bottom left) then Add-ins (left) and the use the Manage drop down (bottom of dialog) to select COM Add-ins and click Go. Tick the box next to the Add-in and click OK.

Excel 2010+

File Options


Excel 2010

Excel 2013



If you have loaded the Add-ins in the past and have had issues with them, they may be listed in the Disabled section of the Manage drop down.



Note: within Office packages there are different versions eg Home, Business, Professional and more recently Office 365 subscription.

Sorry, this is not straightforward – you can thank Microsoft for the confusion and complication.

Excel 2007 and earlier versions basically you can’t use either of the Add-ins.

Excel 2010 – most versions can download and install the Add-ins.

Excel 2013 – this is where it gets tricky. Some versions of Excel eg Home won’t run PowerPivot, but they may run Power Query. Some versions come with the add-ins already installed you just need to activate, as above.

Excel 2016 – Power Query is in the Data ribbon called Get & Transform. PowerPivot is an add-in.

Some Office 365 versions won’t run PowerPivot.

Some versions will run the Add-ins but they aren’t supported by Microsoft, so if you have a problem, you will need Google and a lot of patience.


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