Clearing Input Cells with Colour

Let’s say you have a file that has numerous input cells, in numerous sheets. Each  month you must clear the input cells and start the new month. There is a technique that allows you to clear the input cells if you have used a dedicated colour for those cells.

Assuming you have a fill colour that is ONLY used for input cells then this technique is pretty straight forward.

You must do this one sheet at a time. Steps 2 and 3 are not needed for extra sheets, as the dialog remembers the colour.

  1. Press Ctrl + f to open the Find Dialog
  2. Click the Options button
  3. Click the Format drop down and click Choose Format From Cell. Click on one of the input cells.
  4. Click the Find All button
  5. Click inside the bottom section of the dialog and press Ctrl + a, this selects all the cells found, see images belowFind_2
  6. Click the Close button
  7. Type o (zero) and hold the Ctrl key down and press Enter
  8. Done! All the entries now have a zero entered – ready for input


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2 thoughts on “Clearing Input Cells with Colour

  1. In the situation where the input cells will not change or be added to in a workbook, I have resorted to selecting all the input cells & giving them a range name, say Input_1

    I then simply select the relevant range name from the range name box & then either clear the cells or enter the zero as described above.