Grouping Icon Above Group Rows in Excel

Finding a well hidden setting

The default setting is to have the grouping icon below the grouped rows. But you can switch things and have the icon at the top of the grouped rows.

Grouping rows is a great way to hide and hide workings or helper rows. These are the rows that make the final formula easier to create or shorter. The image below using grouping to hide rows 1 to 5.

What about when you use a different structure, like the one in the image below

Here we want the grouping icon to be above the grouped rows.

There is a way to do this. It requires a setting change and the setting is hidden away on the ribbon.

In the Data ribbon, on the right-hand side, there is an Outline section.

Click the little arrow icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the Outline section.

Untick the top option and click OK.

This setting only affects this current sheet.

Now the grouping icon will be above the grouped rows. See the image below.

Shortcut keys

The shortcut keys to apply and remove grouping are shown below. Select the range first.



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4 thoughts on “Grouping Icon Above Group Rows in Excel

  1. Dear Neale
    A very happy new year to you & family.

    Great tip re: Grouping.
    What does the Apply Styles button in Settings Box do?