Right Clicking in Excel

Shortcuts to save time

Right clicking in Excel offers many productivity benefits. If you don’t already right click try it, it’s fun to see all the options that are just a click away.

Some of the right click options that you might NOT be aware of.

Sheet navigation arrows – these are to the left of the sheet tabs at the bottom of the screen – right click any of the arrow icons to see a list of sheets and selecting one takes you to it.

Right clcik navigation arrows

Table created using Format as Table – if you have created a table using the Format as Table icon on the Home Ribbon (doing this has many advantages – stay tuned for a future blog post on this topic) when you right click inside the table there are a few extra options – see images below.

Format as Table Option Insert

Format As Table Select

Format As Table

Page Break Preview – this is the view that has a grey background for the part of the sheet that won’t print and white for the part that will print. It also shows Page 1, Page 2 etc in the background. When you are in this view you can right click to get extra Print options at the bottom of the menu – see image below.

Page Break Preview Right Click

(Page Break Preview has an icon at the bottom right of the Excel screen – see image below)

Page Break Preview Icon

Don’t be afraid to right click anywhere on the Excel screen – there are lots of options available and many times its the quickest way to get to them. You can always press the Esc key or click Cancel.

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