Webinar – Macros 3 – Interaction and Debugging Techniques (1 hr 30 min)

Price: $25 incl GST

Recorded macros can’t interact with the user. Macros that interact with the user are more user-friendly and flexible.

Learn the techniques that allow you to use one-way and two-way communication with the user whilst your macro is running.

Debugging involves removing errors from your code. As you build more complex macros you will need to improve your debugging skills.

Discover the built-in features in Excel that make this important process easier.

You need to have done the Macros 1 and 2 webinars or at least be familiar with editing recorded macros to get the most from this session.

Date: 23/05/2024
Time: 1:00 PM AEST
Event: Macros 3 – Interaction and Debugging Techniques (1 hr 30min)
Topic: Macros Interaction
Public: Public
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