One Minute to Excel #29 – Nine Names in a Minute

Shortcut to speed up name creation

In this short video I demonstrate how to create range names quickly based on labels. Range names are a powerful formula feature. I also demonstrate their use.

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Alan Alda – commencement speech – 1980

General Format

The General format is Excel’s default format.

It doesn’t really do much. It can be handy to use though if Excel applies a format you don’t want, like a date or a percentage.

The keyboard shortcut to apply the General format is

Ctrl + Shift + ~

Be careful if you forget the Shift key as it will display formulas. If that happens, press it again (without the Shift key) and it will revert back to normal.

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One Minute to Excel #28 – Eight More Charts in a Minute

Fast mouse work to the rescue

OK in the last video I cheated and used Sparkline charts to create 8 charts in a minute.

This time I set myself a real challenge to create 8 real charts in a minute.

Its close – check out the video and learn a few useful techniques.

One Minute to Excel #27 – Eight Charts in a Minute

Sparklines to the rescue

Let’s see if I can create 8 charts in a minute – one for each state and territory in Australia

I cheat a little bit and use Sparkline charts. If you haven’t seen Sparklines before check out the video.

One Minute to Excel #26 – Fix AutoSum’s Weakness

Get the right range every time

AutoSum’s cryptonite is a blank cell – it stops AutoSum in its tracks every time.

Here’s how you can avoid AutoSum’s blind spot.

Outlook macro to stop sending an email without an attachment [VIDEO]

Automatic attachment check via VBA

I don’t do many Outlook macros, but this one is really useful and I have used it for a long time. It looks at your outgoing email and checks to see if you have the word attach in it and then checks to see if you have an attachment. It warns you if you don’t.

“If you care too much about being praised, in the end you will not accomplish anything serious. Let the judgments of others be the consequence of your deeds, not their purpose.”

Leo Tolstoy

A Calendar of Wisdom

Excel Data Validation Blind Spot

Macro to fix it

One of the problems with Excel’s Data Validation is that it is possible to have an invalid entry in a data validation cell. This can be caused by Paste Special Values or linked drop downs that don’t update if an earlier drop down is changed. To easily identify invalid cells you can use a macro.