Some actions clear the clipboard

Some actions in Excel will clear the clipboard after you have copied or cut.

Two common ones are

  • inserting a new sheet
  • clearing a filter – using Clear in the Data menu (keyboard shortcut Alt a c )

So if you are going to do either of these, do them before copying or cutting.

Increase Font Size in VBA Window

Easy change

Yes, you can make the text in the VBA window easier to read.

It is also great for training.

(This tip may not work on 4K monitors.)

To open the VBA Window press Alt + F11.

Click the Tools menu and then Options  – see image below.

Click the Editor Format tab and change the Size drop down to 14, or whatever you want – see image below.

Click OK and the font size will now be increased in the code window.

See below for a comparison between 10 and 14 point.

Must easier to read!

Free Webinar Recording – Recorded Macros Tips Tricks and Traps

Getting started with recorded macros

It is easy to create a recorded macro. It is not so easy to create a flexible and re-usable recorded macro. Click the materials Button below to download the pdf manual and example file.

Learn the techniques that can allow you to record effective macros that can handle different ranges and changes to sheet names.

Macros can speed up your work and reduce the time taken for tedious tasks, as well as adding functionality to Excel.

This is the first in a series of webinars dedicated to macros. Future paid sessions this month (August 2019) will expand on the techniques taught in this session. Click here to register.

CPD note – if you are claiming CPD for watching this recording you need to keep your own records. People who attend the live sessions receive an annual listing of attendances.

Download Materials

Unlocking coloured cells in Excel

Styles and Find solutions

When you create an Excel file that handles inputs it is best practice to colour code the input cells. The colour you choose isn’t important but making sure you use it consistently is. You may need to unlock the input cells if you plan to add sheet protection to the file. Here’s a couple of ways to do that.

Free Excel Webinar Recording – Financial Functions Part 2

Feedback score 87%

In July 2019 I explained and demonstrated a number of Excel’s  financial functions – see below for more details.

CPD note – if you are claiming CPD for watching this recording you need to keep your own records. People who attend the live sessions receive an annual listing of attendances.

Webinar Materials

In July 2019 following on from the response and feedback from my June webinar, I covered more financial functions. These are more related to comparing and analysing cash flows. I have also included a couple of requested schedules.

This session will cover the following functions

  • NPV – Net Present Value of regular cashflows (learn to trick to using it correctly)
  • XNPV – Net Present Value of irregular cashflows
  • IRR – Internal Rate of Return of regular periodic cashflows
  • XIRR – Internal Rate of Return of irregular periodic cashflows
  • Discounted Payback period schedule
  • Flexible Loan schedule – handles lump sum payments

As with all my sessions, I will throw in a few other shortcuts along the way.

Full Screen

To switch to Full Screen mode – great for presentations – use

Ctrl + Shift + F1

Press it again to revert to the normal view.

Twelve months of free Excel webinars

Free monthly Excel webinars

This month celebrates 12 consecutive free monthly Excel training webinars. One a month since August 2018.

(I have kept adding the new free sessions to the list)

You can view the recordings and download the materials using the table below. Sorted by Skill Level.

17 hours of free, practical CPD. Remember to keep your own records of recording viewing for CPD purposes.

Please share with the your network, enjoy!

Latest Free Excel Webinars

Free Courses (One hour each)LevelRecording LinkMaterials
Excel Keyboard ShortcutsBegRecordingMaterials
Excel Mouse Shortcuts BegRecordingMaterials
Excel Formatting TipsBegRecordingMaterials
Excel 2016 Conditional FormatsIntRecordingMaterials
Excel Custom Number FormatsIntRecordingMaterials
Excel Financial Functions Part 1
Excel Financial Functions Part 2
Dashboard Guidelines & TechniquesIntRecordingMaterials
Format As Table FeaturesIntRecordingMaterials
Excel 2016 Chart Tips & TricksIntRecordingMaterials
Excel Yourself 2018 Beg/Int/AdvRecordingMaterials
Mastering Excel's Form Controls
Excel 2016 What-If Techniques AdvRecordingMaterials
Excel Budget ChallengeAdvRecordingMaterials
Excel Recorded MacrosAdvRecordingMaterials
Interactive Excel ChartAdvRecordingMaterials
Introduction to Power QueryAdvRecordingMaterials
Sorted by Level - updated November 2019
Level Beg = Beginner, Int = Intermediate, Adv = Advanced

Handling Exceptions in Excel

Two ways to consider

When developing budgets and financial models you may need the same rate/value (say debtor days) for 10 months of the year but need to adjust it for 2 months. It is usually December and January as they tend to be a little different due to the Christmas / New Year period. Here’s a couple of ways to handle exceptions in Excel.

Keyboard shortcut to insert a Text Box

A quick way to insert a Text Box is by pressing, in sequence (not held down) Alt N X.

A blank Text Box is placed in the middle of the sheet.

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