A quick way to select cells

Excel’s Go To feature provides a quick way to select certain types of cells. For example, if you wanted to apply the same fill colour to all formula cells on a sheet, you can do that in five easy steps using Go To.

1 With a single cell selected on a sheet press the F5 function key

2 Click the Special button

3 Click the Formula option

4 Click OK

5 Use the Fill colours icon on the Home ribbon to select the colour you want

Done, now all the formula cells have the same colour.

You can also access the Go To Special dialog from the Home Ribbon using the Find & Select icon on the far right. You can also add it to your Quick Access Toolbar by right clicking the icon.

The other options in the Go To Special dialog that I use regularly are

  • Blanks
  • Visible cells only (Alt + ; )
  • Current Region (Ctrl + * )

The last two have keyboard shortcuts in brackets that I prefer to use.

Before using Go To

If you have a single cell selected before using Go To Excel looks at the whole sheet. If you have more than one cell selected Excel will only look in the selected range.


Using the Go To Special dialog to select ranges when recording a macro can create flexible macros.

Click here to see how you can run a Macro off a Quick Access Toolbar icon.

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