Introduction To Excel Power Query [one hour video]

Includes detailed pdf manual

Getting data into Excel and in the correct layout and format is the important starting point for any Excel project.

Power Query can automate the importation process.

It is now a vital skill to possess.

This is a video of a free live training session I ran in May 2021 – over 100 people attended – please share this resource with friends and colleagues. No editing has been done to the video.

Use the button below to download the pdf manual and example files so you can follow along.

We need to get the word out on this powerful Excel feature.

(Note: Power Query is also part of Power BI, the skills you learn also apply to that.)

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2 thoughts on “Introduction To Excel Power Query [one hour video]

  1. Very useful…

    How can we filter multiple items say 50 line items from a column?
    Can u please help me at this

    • Set up a table in the Excel with the descriptions you want to filter out and another column with 1 in it.

      Bring that table into PQ as a connection only.

      Merge the two tables together and then bring in the column with 1. Then filter out the 1’s in that new column then delete that column.

      That way you can add extra options to the Excel table to filter them out.