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CPA Australia option

Seeing we may be stuck at home for a while here is a suggestion regarding reading books online. If you are a member of CPA Australia you can read certain books online for free.

As well as reading, there are options to download chapters or print portions of the book for free. There is also an option to download the whole book for 21 days.

You need to have a login for the website.

Once you have logged in follow these steps.

  1. Point to the Member Services Option and choose Library.
  2. On the left of screen, under Library click the Online resources.
  3. Scroll down and click on the ProQuest EBook Central logo.
  4. Type something to search for – eg Advanced Excel and click the Search button.
  5. Click on the title to access the book.
  6. You can click the Read Online button to start reading and searching.
    You can download a certain number of chapters for free without creating an account.
    You can also download the whole book for 21 days – account required
  7. To download the whole book you first have to create an account – you only do this once.
  8. You then need to install Adobe Digital Editions – this is free. Follow the link to download and install it.
  9. When installing you can authorize the PC without the ID – look for the small link on the Authorisation dialog. (Sorry I clicked it before I took a screen shot).
  10. You can choose the device and the format.
  11. Then you can download and read for 21 days. Happy reading!

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