VBA macros that run other macros

When you become more advanced with macros and VBA programming (Visual Basic for Applications), you realise that you can create re-useable macros.

This is a shortcut that is useful when you run one macro from another macro.

In many cases when you have reusable macros they can be located in a different code module eg you might have a dedicated code module for UDFs (User Defined Functions). Even if you have all your macros in a single code module, they can be time consuming to find by scrolling up and down within the module.

If you run a macro from within another macro, in the code window you can right click the macro name in the code and choose Definition.


This will take you directly to the macro, no matter where it is.

You can then right click again and choose Last Position to take you back to the original position in the code where you clicked Definition.


These two simple shortcuts are can save lots of scrolling and navigation time.

Click here to see how you can run a Macro off a Quick Access Toolbar icon.

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