Matt Allington is an Aussie who is a Power BI expert and spreading the word on  Power BI.

This is his blog, but the rest of his site has other resources as well.

His site has lots of content to help you dive into Power BI.

I have his book and am currently going through it.


SQL Dusty

Dustin Ryan works at Microsoft  and he shares a lot of his knowledge for free on his website.

This great site has lots of free content to help you get the most out of Power BI – from beginners to old hands.

Free videos and other content make this a great site to bookmark and check regularly.

It covers a lot of other topics that are related to Power BI as well.


What is School For?

Seth Godin
March 7 2016

Its a great question. The answer has changed over the decades.

This is a great piece of writing. Its a long read.

I recommend you read at least some of it if you have kids or grand kids or are interested in education or teaching.

Financial Model Guidelines


“A new financial modelling guide authored by the ICAEW Corporate Finance Faculty and RSM aims to help businesses of all sizes plan and reduce risk. ” – website

If you use or build financial models then this pdf guide may be worth downloading – its free and no email is required – at least when I downloaded it.

Happy reading.

Don’t forget you can read pdfs on your kindle and iPad.


Great DAX formula site

This website is a great resource for the DAX formula language used in PowerPivots in Excel 2010 and Excel 2013. The site contains solutions to common reporting requirements in PowerPivot Reports They have also published a book based on the content which is cheap as a Kindle edition, I have recently bought it.

Great PowerPivot Site

SQLBI – this website is a great resource for the PowerPivots in Excel 2010 and Excel 2013. Some of it is quite Advanced. See also the DAXPatterns site. These guys have published a few books and I own a couple of them.

Seth Godin

Seth Godin writes a great blog and provides really interesting insights. Highly recommend you subscribe to his email posts.

He has written many books and and always provides a different slant on the topics he covers.

John Walkenbach

The Excel legend, John Walkenbach is the most respected Excel author. He has been writing about Excel for decades. I have many of his books. Look up Excel Guru and you’ll see his picture. I was honored that his review is on the back of my first book.

His site contains lots of Excel resources – his Power Utility Pack Add-in a worthwhile purchase.

TED Talks

I LOVE TED Talks, they cover so many different topics and are, on the whole, brilliant! I have been watching then for years and highly recommend you check a few out. You will be amazed. They are short and usually very well presented and often humorous.

Excel and Xero integration

Quick Win Development

I saw a demo of this Excel Add-in and it looked pretty good. I met the developer and he is keen to develop the package further. I don’t do any work with Xero, but if you do, it might be worth investigating – it is reasonably priced. It brings in data directly  from Xero into Excel tables ready for Pivot Table analysis or formula based reports.