Extracting Time from Date and Time in Excel

Another MOD function solution

I had a recent query regarding checking time in a column that had both date and time. There is an easy way to extract time from a date-time combination.

In Excel dates are whole numbers and time is a fraction. So 6am is 0.25, noon is 0.5 and 6pm is 0.75.

To extract a fraction from a number the easiest formula is the MOD function.

If A1 had the number, we can use


To extract the fraction.

The MOD function returns the remainder after dividing by a number, in our case 1. This means it returns the fraction.

The table below has a list of date-time entries.

We can extract the time using


In cell B2 and copy it down.

You will need to apply a time format to see the result.

Time query

The query was to identify times around work hours. Between 9 and 5 was work and outside was deemed home.

The formula in cell C2 in the image below is


Between rows 9 and 10 you can see the change.

Cells F1 and I1 are entered as times.

To enter a time, use the colon after the number. Entering 9: will enter 9am and 17: enters 5 pm.

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3 thoughts on “Extracting Time from Date and Time in Excel

  1. I thought you and your readers might find this alternate, not-too-obvious formula (which uses only two function calls instead of four) for cell C2 copied down to be of interest.