Excel Chart Label Line Break

When adding labels to a chart sometimes you need a line break. Well it is possible.

Have a look at the market share chart below.

The labels work well because the bar sizes are fairly even.

What if they weren’t?

This solution won’t work in all cases because sometimes the label just won’t fit in the space.

But in this case, we can use a line break to make it look better.

If you select the last label and press Ctrl + 1 (use the 1 on the keyboard, not the numeric keypad).

In the task pane that opens on the right side of the screen select the last option at the top, then click the Separator drop down and choose (New Line).


The result is shown below.

As I mention this won’t work in all cases, but it might help in some cases.

You may want to change all the labels to be consistent.

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2 thoughts on “Excel Chart Label Line Break

  1. Hi, I am trying to use the series name as Data Label, but the longer texts are not wrapping itself into the shape. Even though wrap text is checked in the format pane. any idea how to handle this?

    • Sorry Ankan this is not a wrap text feature as as such. It just places the value on a separate line to the description.
      If the descriptions are too long you might consider abbreviating them.
      Have you tried placing a manual line break in the cell eg use Alt + Enter between the words to force a line break in the description cell. That seem to flow to the chart.
      Regards Neale