Excel Constant not a Constant

In Excel you can use the Go To Special dialog to find constants. These are cells that won’t change. Constants are things like labels, entered text, numbers, or dates. But there are cells that won’t change that Go To Special won’t identify as a constant.

The Go To Special dialog with the Constant option selected is shown below.

If a cell starts with an equals sign it won’t be identified as a constant. Entering =5 will cause that cell to be treated as a formula even though the value in that cell won’t change.

In the image below you can see the entries in the top section and what is entered in the cell in the bottom section.

Note cell B4 has =5. Cell C4 has 5.

Cells B4 and C4 will not change, they are both constants. But cell B4 will be treated as a formula because it starts with =.

You can see the cells selected by using the Constant option in the image below.

When you are looking for constants be warned that any cells beginning the = sign will not be included.

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