FREE Webinar – Excel Conditional Formats

Conditional formats allow you to have cell formats automatically change based on the value in the cell and other cells. This is great for exception reporting. For example when you open a file all the overdue dates could have a red fill colour based on today’s date and the dates for the coming week will be coloured orange. Some of the techniques covered can also be applied to dashboards.

This session will take you through the basics, as well as an introduction to formula-based formats.

  • Data bars
  • Creating a progress bar using a Data bar
  • Colour scales – traffic light colours
  • Amending the default settings – getting the result you want
  • Icon sets – icons can be better for colour blind people
  • Cell-based rules – make the most of built-in features
  • Working with dates automatically
  • Formula-based rules – use formulas and functions to gain total control over conditions

As always you may pick up a few other tips along the way.

Date: 18/04/2023
Time: 1:00 PM AEST
Event: FREE Webinar - Excel Conditional Formats
Topic: Excel Conditional Formats
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