Changing the Close & Load settings in a Power Query

Its a right click option

A recent attendee at a webinar posed the question, can you change the Close & Load setting on an existing query? Here is the answer.

Most times you use just use Close & Load and you create an output table.

Other times you want to only create a connection rather than an output table and you use the Close & Load drop down and select  Close & Load To.

The Import Data options are then displayed.

If you have used the standard Close & Load option and delete the sheet that contains the output table you automatically convert the query into a connection only query.

On the other hand, if you have a connection only query and want to change it to a table output query how do you do that? When you edit the query the option is greyed out.

To change the Import Data setting right-click the query in the Queries task pane and choose Load To.

This displays the Import Data options ready for you to make your changes.

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