Unhide all sheets in a file macro [VIDEO]

Adding functionality with a macro

Excel allows you to easily hide a group of sheets BUT frustratingly, it won’t let you unhide a group of sheets. You have to unhide them one sheet at a time.

Well, the macros below can make the process a little easier. (They are both in the attached file link the bottom of the blog – the video below shows you how to use them)


This first macro is a bit of a shotgun approach – it unhides all the sheets in a file in one go.

Flexible hiding

If you want to make it a bit more flexible you can create a list of sheet names to hide. Then create a range name for the list called SheetsToHide. The following macro will hide the sheets based on those listed in the named range. The macro won’t allow you to hide the active sheet.

Note: The sheet names in the list need to be identical to the sheet names (upper and lower case doesn’t matter) however a random space character will affect it.



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