Print just the first page in Outlook [VIDEO]

Save paper and time

If I print emails I typically only want the first page. To do that in Outlook takes a few clicks each time.

To make printing just the first page easier I created a macro. You can’t record macros in Outlook, so I used the SendKeys commands, which mimics key strokes.

Outlook macros are a bit different to set up than Excel, so I have done a video to show you the steps. The macro is below with the steps to install underneath.

Warning: Once you install the macro Outlook will ask you to enable macros each time it opens.

Second Warning: This technique may affect your Num Lock setting – it does mine, but i still use it.

This macro works for Outlook 2010.

Sub Print_One_Page()
 SendKeys "%FPR" 
 SendKeys "%S"
 SendKeys "1"
 SendKeys "{ENTER}"
End Sub

Installation steps

  1. Copy the code above
  2. In Outlook press Alt + F11 to open the VBA window
  3. Double click the ThisOutlookSession on the left of screen
  4. Copy the code from above and paste into the code window on the right of the VBA screen – see image below.Outlool VBA with macro
  5. Close the VBA Window
  6. Click the File tab, click Options, then click Quick Access Toolbar option on the left
  7. In the drop down select Macros
  8. Select the Print_One_Page macro and click the Add button – see image below.Macro selection
  9. On the right of screen select the macro at the bottom of the list and click Modify – see image below.Select icon for macro
  10. Select an icon and click the OK button and click OK to finish
  11. When you close Outlook after installing the macro it will ask you whether to save the changes – make sure you save them.

Clicking the the icon (yellow smiley face) will print just the first page of the selected or current email.

Added 2nd May 2013 – the image below shows my macro security settings in Outlook 2013. (File Tab > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings button)

outlook security settings

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