Thank You CPA Australia

My first thank you messages were directed to people who helped me learn Excel.

This, my fifth Thank You, goes out to the organisation that has helped me share what I had learned with others.

Thank You CPA Australia for publishing my first Excel article, way back in May 2002. Thank you for agreeing to do a regular Excel article in late 2002. The Excel Yourself series started out with a Q & A format.

Initially the questions were based on questions I answered during training sessions. Then I started to receive questions from CPA’s from around the world. I still receive questions, but the quantity has dropped off due to Google and the many excellent online Excel forums.

As at May 2018 there have been 170 Excel Yourself articles plus 8 feature articles. Articles now appear online and each has a companion video and many have companion files.

You can see the articles here.

Over the years I have also worked with CPA Australia in creating and presenting training sessions for conferences and running training sessions in regional areas. I have recently done a few podcasts, plus I have written extra posts and done videos for the INTHEBLACK website.

Thank you CPA Australia for providing a platform to help me share my Excel skills with Australian accountants from around the world.

It all started from that first article all those years ago. By the way the first article was about the Ctrl key and its shortcuts – see image below.

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