Thank you Nick Melchior

Recently I learned about the passing of Chip Pearson, an Excel legend.

He was so generous with his content and I had thanked him for his contributions years back but it got me thinking about thanking others who had helped me along the way.

My sixth Thank You is not Excel related.

This gentleman is in publishing and in October 2012 he approached me to see if I was interested in writing a book on Excel. I may have said “Hell Yeah!”

Nick Melchior worked for Wiley Australia at the time and because of my CPA articles he thought I could write a book.

He asked me to put a book proposal together and he submitted it and supported it. It got through and 18 months later I had a 420 page book in my hands with my name on it as the author. A life-time dream come true.

Unfortunately shortly after the book was approved Wiley wound down its Australian operations and Nick lost his job. I will always be grateful he approached me and had faith that I could write a book.

Thank you Nick – you helped me achieve a life long dream.


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