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As well as the normal instructions and notes, there is another way you can use a cell comment. Cell comments can be used to capture cell formulas.

To add a comment (like a post-it note for a cell) you can right click the cell and choose Insert comment or you can select the cell and press Shift + F2. Shift + F2 also allows you to edit existing comments.

If you have an important formula and you are worried it may be modified or pasted over, you can select the whole formula in the Formula Bar – see image below.

Ctrl + C to copy. Esc to exit the Formula Bar. Shift + F2 to open the comment. Ctrl + V to paste into the comment.

Pasting another formula into a cell doesn’t normally affect an existing comment. So if the formula is modified you still have a copy of it in the comment and you can copy it from the comment to re-instate it in the cell.

Be aware that once you have copied the formula to the comment it won’t change to match up with any structural changes to the sheet like inserted or deleted, rows or columns.

You can also paste the formula into the comment for the heading for that row in case the cell comment does get overwritten.

Comments can also be used to explain any complex formulas.

Click here to see another use for cell comments.

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