Inserting a Blank Row Between Entries

Manual technique

Over the years I have had many requests to help people insert blank rows between entries is a list. Apparently it is for an input routine that requires blanks. My normal solution is a macro because it automates the process, but there is a manual technique that is quick and easy.

Examine the list below.

We want to insert a blank row between each entry. This is a small list but the technique is scalable.

To do it takes four quick steps

  1. Add a sequence column with sequential numbers – see note below about quickly adding sequential numbers.

  2. Copy the list of sequential numbers and paste it directly below the existing numbers

  3. Sort the list by the sequence column – lowest to highest

  4. Job done – delete the sequence column

Sequential Numbers

It is easy to add sequential numbers. In the example above enter 1 in cell C2 and 2 in cell C3. Select the range C2:C3 and double click the Fill Handle (small black cross bottom right corner of selected range – see image below).

This creates a sequential list of numbers all the way down to the bottom of the table.

Sequential Numbers with the Fill Handle

Another way to increment numbers is to drag a cell with 1 in it with the Fill Handle and hold the Ctrl key down – release the mouse first, then release the Ctrl key.

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