Excel Consulting

Spend your time analysing your reports, not creating them

Neale Blackwood’s wealth of experience as an Accountant combined with his extensive Excel knowledge enables him to provide reliable and cost effective business reporting solutions with Excel.

When designing Excel solutions you need practical business experience as much as Excel skills.

Some of Neale’s Excel systems are still being used 15 years after they were initially created, with little or no maintenance.

Neale can provide turn-key solutions or re-engineer your existing Excel files.

Neale specialises in providing Excel reporting solutions that

  • Minimise re-keying (saving time and errors)
  • Speed up reporting outcomes by making the most of Excel’s built-in features
  • Automate manual processes using macros, if the built-in features can’t do the job
  • Provide dynamic self-maintaining systems that reduce maintenance costs

Whether you want to speed up your reporting timetable, automate manual tasks or improve existing files, A4 Accounting can assist.

Contact Neale and arrange a time to discuss your requirements.