Thank You Jeff Robson

Recently I learned about the passing of Chip Pearson an Excel legend.

He was so generous with his content and I had thanked him for his contributions years back but it got me thinking about thanking others who had helped me along the way.

My second thank you goes out to Jeff Robson from Access Analytic.

Jeff hired me as an Excel consultant way back in 2006. He asked me if I knew someone who could do the job and I said I did – me!

We had met a few years earlier and kept in touch. We had a few things in common, a love of Excel and a similar hair line and when I started we even drove the same car, a Hyundai Accent.

We worked together for 4 years and my live is better now because we did.

An extract of the thank you email is shown below.

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2 thoughts on “Thank You Jeff Robson

  1. Thank you so much for your kind words Neale! I’m not sure how long ago you posted this snippet but I’ve only just come across this now.

    I have a lot to thank you for as well since it was your love of training that got me into this area at a time that I wasn’t even considering it.

    And today, as a result of you getting me into training, Wyn & Yury now also do training making it one of our most profitable services, I’ve personally visited 25 different countries around the world to run courses in places I never would’ve dreamt of, I’ve met so many amazing people & I’ve had so many incredible experiences that I can’t even count the number!

    Thank you for your continued support, especially of the charitable causes we promote, and of our technical articles too.

    Who would’ve thought all this could’ve come from a simple coffee catch up in Vic Park all those years ago!

    It’s been an absolute pleasure Neale! 🙂

    Thank YOU!

    • Hi Jeff

      I sent you an email a while back when I wrote this snippet. Yes that coffee sparked a lot of changes down the line.

      I am glad you have been bitten by the training bug – in a good way.

      All the best.